One coat, durable wall and ceiling covering with a difference!

  • Can be applied to most wall and ceiling substrates
  • Long lasting, durable and washable finish
  • Easily repairable
  • Fire resistant
  • Offers great acoustic insulation
  • Vast range of colours available
  • Combine decorative coloured flecks and glitter for a completely unique finish

A revolution in affordable ceiling and wall coverings

chameledec-wall-coatingChameledec is a unique mixture of Cellulose cotton and resin gum, coloured with natural dyes, to offer an extremely durable and washable finish for your home.

It can be applied in one coat directly over a range of finishes with little or no mess and no requirement to redecorate. This means you can transform a room in your home at the fraction of the cost of re-plastering and with significantly less intrusion. Whether you have old, artex ceilings, exposed brickwork, metal or wood finishes like Sterling and Veneered board, Chameledec will cover and rejuvenate any tired living space.

And for busy, family homes Chameledec offers relatively little problems with scratches or wear and tear. Simply treat any damaged area with a spray of water, wait for the product to rehydrate and then rework until flat. No need to fill or re-paint.

A great selection of colours

Chameledec differs to most internal rendering products because there’s no need to paint or wallpaper over the final finish. Simply choose a colour prior to application and your room transformation is complete.

Add a unique touch to your finish

And if standard colours aren’t quite what you’re after why not add one of Chameledec’s decorative flecks. A talking point in any home.

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